Burning & testing of Ubuntu 11.04 32bit live cd

This is a report about burning and testing a Ubuntu ver. 11.04 32 bit live cd on my desktop pc. The specs for my pc are:

PSU: Antec NeoPower HE High Efficiency 430W

Optical: Samsung SH-S202J/RSMN 20X DVD+/-RW -asema

RAM: 2X Corsair TWIN2X 2x 1GB DDR2 800MHz KIT muisti


CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 -prosessori, boxed

Primary HD: WD6400AAKS-00A7B0

Sec HD: WD My Book 1130 USB

MB: Gigabyte GA-EP35-DS3R/DS3

Sound: Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Extreme Audio

Mouse: Razer Death Adder

Keyboard: Logitech G510

Speakers: Logitech X540

Screen: BenQ G900HD 24"

OS: Windows XP sp 3

1. First I went to http://www.ubuntu.com/start-download?distro=desktop&bits=32&release=latest  and downloaded the latest release package of Ubuntu.

2. Next I downloaded InfraRecorder software for burning the iso file. Something went wrong during the burning of the first cd and it got corrupted. Trying to explore the cd always ended up in explorer crashing so I tested the cd on another pc and the exact same thing happened there aswell. After this I decided to discard the cd and make another one. This time everything went smoothly.

3. After I made sure the cd was working. I also checked that it contained everything it was supposed to and then restarted my computer.

4. Then I booted up from the Ubuntu cd and went on to test it instead of installing. After that I checked that everything was working properly. I launched FireFox and surfed to a couple of sites. Once I was convinced all the critical parts needed to operate my pc were functioning properly I shut down my pc and took the cd out.

31.8.2011 © Hannu-Pekka Holopainen


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